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Everyone worries a bit about pain, and no one likes to be pokes with a needle. However, this needle is really small. A topical anesthetic may help a little with the needle poke, but it will not anesthetize the muscle for injection. The muscular pain causes the discomfort. The reality is that the pain associated with neurotoxin injections will vary from patient to patient. At Med Cosmetics Clinic, we counsel of patients to assist them with pain management, such as: deep breathing, squeezing a towel, humming or growling.

Our patients occasionally request a numbing cream before the injection; and others request that ice be applied to the area. There is no harm in the application of either agent before treatment. Ice may also decrease the possibility of bruising associated with injections. In the end, however, these tactics improve comfort only for the dermal puncture, and not the muscle injection. At Med Cosmetics Clinic, our highly experienced nurse injector will make sure your neurotoxin treatment discomfort is as minimal and resolved quickly.

Both are C.botulinum bacterium type A. Both act in exactly the same manner on the nerve endings and in the muscle. There are, however, three distinct features with Dysport that are not found with Botox Cosmetics. First, those allergic to cow’s milk cannot be treated with Dysport. Second, Dysport has a greater chance of diffusion. And lastly, Dysport may have a faster onset than Botox, meaning the results will be seen sooner.

The safety of Botox is well established. The product has been used in the market for over 20 years, with few side effects. Most physicians agree that neurotoxins are among the safest treatment available today to address lines and wrinkles of the face and neck. The fact is that neurotoxins do not alter the production of acetylcholine, nor do they in any way damage the nerve. The process will, however, weaken the muscle over time and may cause muscle atrophy. For many clients, this result is considered a positive treatment event as it lessens the long-term wrinkling associated with the dynamic movement of the muscle of interest.

No one really understands the precise way the muscle recovers after neurotoxin treatment. Apparently in some areas that are treated with neurotoxins the effect have a tendency to last longer, specifically the forehead. Other muscles such as the orbicularis oculi never fully recover, explaining why a single treatment can make a big difference. The durability of a neurotoxin is different for each person. Generally, however, the treatment effect lasts approximately 3 months. Most patients will have residual- but not optimal- results for another 1 to 2 months. In the beginning, the patient may need treatment more frequently, especially if the muscle movement is strong. On the other hand, the initial treatment result may be dramatic because the first treatment provides the most noticeable improvement. As the patient continues to use the product, the results are directed at sustaining a result rather than making a tremendous improvement, as seen in the first treatment.

Eyelid drooping, also called ptosis, is the most unfortunate treatment consequence of neurotoxins. The reality is that both Botox and Dysport can cause eyelid ptosis and brow ptosis. These two problems are distinctly different. Eyelid or brow ptosis will only occur when the glabella or forehead is treated, not the crow’s feet, as patients commonly think. At Med Cosmetics Clinic both consequences are rare due to our expert and experienced nurse injector.

In many instances, multiple treatments are needed for the lines to relax completely. In other situations, the lines may relax, but a deep line, where movement once was, may remain, and these areas may require a dermal filler in addition to the neurotoxin treatment. The relaxation of the brow and crow’s feet can make such an improvement in the face that sometimes patients appear to have had cosmetic surgery. Med Cosmetics Clinic guarantees you will look younger and more rested after treatment.

Unhappiness can be placed into three categories (1) unrealistic expectations, (2) lack of results, and (3) overtreatment. Overtreatment can be frustrating results but with our expert injector this is an unlikely result. Others dislike neurotoxins simply because the treatment did not provide enough result. In other words, movement still exists, even with a higher unit treatment, or the lines are still present. Other individuals do not like the way it feels to have muscles frozen and unable to move. Finally, a group of patients may believe that the result should have been better. In Med Cosmetics Clinic we give you all possible education for you to be comfortable and safe with any neurotoxin treatment.

Neurotoxins do not cross the blood-brain barrier; thus the neurotoxins remain at the site where they are injected. The side effects of neurotoxins include eyelid ptosis, brow ptosis over treatment and asymmetry after injection, all of which are avoidable with our expert nurse injector. The other less common side effects include headache, influenza- like symptoms and nausea.

Absolutely. Botox prevents wrinkles because of how it works continuously to keep the muscles slack. Wrinkles form around your eyes, on your forehead, and between the eyebrows because of the facial expressions that you constantly make, such as laughing, smiling, and frowning. The more your facial muscles contract to make these expressions, the deeper the wrinkle creases become. Botox is introduced into the skin, it not only diminishes the wrinkles you already have, it also keeps your facial muscles from contracting for several months, which prevents new wrinkles from forming. Investing in Botox injections every four to six months may prevent the formation of new wrinkles and be a viable choice for fighting aging skin.